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Meet the Broker – Mark Digan

My name is Mark Digan; I was born in 1962. My Father was a Solider in the United States Army and I was born oversees. I spent more than half of my childhood living outside of the United States. Before my 21st birthday I had lived in /or visited 3 continents, 20 countries and 48 states.

My father retired from the Army in 1978 and moved the family to Tucson AZ. With the exception of one enlistment and a few extended road trips I have been a resident of AZ since then.

I lived in Tucson until 1993. While I lived there I graduated from Santa Rita High School, Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. In 1986 I earned my first AZ real estate license. Some other things that happened were; both of my parents passed away and I was married and divorced. Both happened in a very short period of time and change my life dramatically.

In 1982 my first life changing event occurred. I was on a road trip to the East Bay of San Francisco when one day I walked into a Marine Corps Recruiter’s office to say hello. By the end of the day I had enlisted. Although it was a very difficult challenge it was also very rewarding. After 12 weeks of Boot camp at MCRD San Diego I was assigned to an elite and stereo typical Marine Amphibious Assault unit. I spent 3 years in and out of the water assaulting beaches in Asia and California. Fortunately for me Ronald Regan was the president and we had a relative peace during those years.
In 1996 I met my second wife. She was a single mom with two young daughters. The three of them accepted me as the male figure in their family and I gave up my bachelor days to raise a family. The children are now in their late 20”s and still treat me like a father. My wife and I divorced in 2015.

In 1999 I earned my AZ Real Estate License again. I started in home sales for a small brokerage. I was with them for a few years before I moved on to multifamily housing. After that I move back to home sales. In 2005 the owner of the company asked me to start a property management department which I did for 2 years. By 2007 the real estate market was starting to collapse and the owner decided to sell the management department. I made an offer, he accepted and for the first time in my life I became a business owner.

In 2007 I earned an AZ Brokers License. I also started my own business. At that time many people in the real estate industry did not think I would be open for very long. I started with a six month lease on my business space. After those six months I was offered a series of one year leases. At that time the real estate market was in total collapse and Realtors were leaving the business in droves. I on the other hand was making a decent living. Finally the owner of my business space offered me longer leases. The real estate market made a comeback and I was still standing. In 2016 after a series of personal events and the rent on my business space reaching levels that were unacceptable to me I decided to sell my business. I sold the business in 2017 and I took a well deserved rest for the remainder of the year.

In 2018 I did some research and found out that the Maricopa Association of Governments projected that one million people would move to the West Valley of metropolitan Phoenix by 2030. I also learned of builders building master planned communities only minutes from my house. So I spoke with several brokerages in my area and discussed my goal to sell new construction homes in the West Valley. For me it was an easy decision to bring my license to Award Realty.

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