Desert Dog Real Estate Client Testimonials

Desert Dog Real Estate Client Testimonials

We are so thankful to be working with you. just when we were about to give up you showed us that there is a light at the end of tunnel! You are great at what you do! We feel like we can breath again.

Joel and Jill Burlingame

Thanks for taking care of my client, they feel that your efforts align with the professionalism they have come to expect.

Keep up the good work,

I appreciate the support you’ve provided to me. You run a good business Mark and you’re an ethical guy.

Larry Fleischman

Thanks for your terrific partnership


It was a pleasant experience working with you and we appreciate how helpful you and your staff have been when we had questions.

Adam & Joyce Gamble

Thank you also for the fine job you are all doing for us.


I have had a great experience with you and your company.

Thank you!

Thanks to you and your staff for your good work for us.

Marlene and Joe Ciraulo

I thank you all for your patience.


I have been working with Mark Digan for over four years now and his professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and superior level of service, still amaze me!

Sharon Hanes

You have done a wonderful job for us so I don’t hesitate to give your name out.

Dwayne Hendrick

Thank you so much for the great service that you have given us the last three years. I appreciate it very much and would recommend you to anyone that inquires.


Thanks again for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much for finding this house. We had a wonderful time, we really don’t want to go back so soon.

David and Wendie Horowitz